Maybe my all time favorite album

When my father got back from the store today, he told me there was a package for me. It was my new favourite album, David Lee Roth Skyscraper from 1988.

We ordered the album on vinyl two weeks earlier. It took a bit of effort to find a copy that was not a remaster from Friday Music, because my dad discovered the label had a questionable reputation.


I wanted a copy of the album without a cut out, so no USA produced copies. Despite the online market guideline saying no Mint* rated vinyls should have cut outs, we still found a bunch of american copies marked as Mint that even stated having a cut-out.

When we looked at the European copies, we found a Belgian seller with a copy rated Near mint/Mint minus. It was clearly not going to be completely without sound flaws and physical damage. The quality was still impressive as it is such an old album and the sleve was completely undamaged. Besides it is one of the best albums ever, so I can really not complain too much.

Don’t Jump

dlr_band_1988-7Who the heck is David Lee Roth band anyway you might wonder. Well just imagine Van Halen, except not a one hit wonder, and with Steve Vai. David and Steve go together like waffles and Norwegian brown cheese.

Why do i love this album? I love it because it is varied, everything from soft acoustic ballads to hardcore guitar solos using a bunch of effect pedals, this album has it, and I love every bit of it. It is creative and it is obvious it’s made cause the band is passionate and not just for a quick buck.

Vocal Chords
I like to say the band has the two most recognizable voices in the universe: David Lee Roth and Steve Vai’s guitar. It feels like a familiar voice when I hear the guitar playing of Steve Vai’s, that is how unique it is to me.

I feel like David Lee Roth’s solo group is not listened to enough these days, and i want more people to listen to their music. In my opinion they were extremely ahead of their time, and this album is still one of the best I have ever heard.

*Mint condition: A condition of pre owned items that is as good a condition as a copy straight from the factory, the item is supposed to be in perfect condition if this word is used to describe its condition.


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